“Amazing Teppanyaki experience”


While looking for a place for dinner, thankfully we came upon Bluefin.
After reading a couple reviews and seeing the style and atmosphere of the place, we decided to try it.
It was definitely an amazing place, maybe even one of the best restaurants I have been to my life!
The service was perfect, all the employees and the cook had a great attitude!
The cook was the best, he was so nice and attentive to all of us through the dinner, he was really patient
with the kids of the family in our group too. The food had perfect taste too! Great quality of meats and seafood.
In total we spend $33 each and it was worthy every penny. I highly recommend to every person looking for a good place to eat in Bali.


Chicago, Illinois

“A must in Bali”


Looking for good food and great entertainment? Then Bluefin is for you. The food is first class, prepared
in front of you by highly skilled chefs. Teppanyaki is one of our favourites, however the al a carte is just
as good. It does take a little while for the food to come out as the preparation and presentation is


Neil S

“The Best Time Ever”


I had never been to Teppanyaki before, well trust me I had ‘the best time ever’. The Teppanyaki Chefs
were amazing such good fun, good sports and very friendly. The interactive participation between Chef
and diner was hilarious especially the ‘raw egg’ part. Lol
We had to get behind the grill beside our Chefs two at a time and put the large blue Chefs hat on. Next
we had to catch the raw egg on our spatula and to throw it up into our hats!!!!!!! We had sore belly’s
from laughing as the raw eggs missed the hats and either smashed on the floor or smashed elsewhere!!!!
There was more hilarity to come but hey ‘have to try it for yourselves’ can’t tell you everything.
Will definitely go back.


Susan D
Perth, Australia

“Most enjoyable dinner in Bali”


We booked this restaurant given what travelers said about it in TripAdvisor as being the best teppanyaki
place in Bali. We were absolutely delighted we chose the place as we had the most fun, almost an
endless night of laughter, and great food and cocktails as well.
We had Agus and Yuda as our teppanyaki chefs and boy, did they entertain us from start to finish! It was
the most entertaining teppanyaki experience we’ve ever had, and we have been through a few.
The meats were done to perfection – tender, juicy and with lots of flavor. The seafood – mackerel,
scallops, salmon, lobster and and prawns – were equally tasty. Considering we had wagyu and lobster as
part of the set menus we chose, it is not too pricey as such. We did have a few cocktails and they always
add up to the bill. Participating in chopping eggs, catching bowls of rice, etc. was fun! Give it a go!
We would definitely return to Bluefin if we get back to Bali again – and given what a fabulous time we
had, it is a certainty that we will be back.


Ivy B
Haarlem, The Netherlands